Emergency Line (+234) 7033979904, 08108480877, 08033134822

Medical Services

  • General Internal Medicine | General Surgery | Paediatrics
    • General Internal Medicine

      Twenty four hours coverage for general practice. Treatment of minor ailments and initial assessment and referral to appropriate specialists for more serious ailments.

      General Surgery

      We have a surgical outpatient clinic which holds on Friday evenings. Cold cases are seen and booked for surgery. Surgeons are available for emergencies when needed anytime.


      Paediatric Clinic holds morning and evening -Monday-Friday


      Dr. Gabriel Ominyi

      Clinical Director
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology | Endoscopy | Physiotherpay | Lapaoscopy
    • Obstetrics and Gynaecology

      Gynaecological Clinic holds Monday to Saturday- Morning and evening. Emergencies are covered round the clock.


      Our endoscopy unit is equipped with state of the art Karl-Storz instruments. We undertake both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


      Available on appointment only.

      Laboratory Services

      We carry out all laboratory services in house.


      We have a unit where we do minimal access surgery. This has the advantage of reduced intra operative bleeding, scarless surgery, and shortened hospital stay.

  • Haematology | Opthamology | Orthopaedic | Dental Services
    • Haematology

      Available on appointment only.


      Available on appointment only.


      Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Clinic holds on Fridays evening. Surgeon is also available for emergencies outside normal clinical days.

      Dental Services

      Available in-house and runs clinics Monday to Saturdays from 9AM.

  • Dermatology
    • Dermatology

      Dermatology clinic holds on Monday evenings.
      We undertake planning, construction, and equipment of industrial site clinics. Domicilliary services are available for families who request special medical visit and treatment at their homes. We provide referral links with other ultra-specialists within and outside the country. We also provide emergency squad services to other clinics and companies. We provide ambulance services for emergencies.

      To enable us cope effectively with providing the above services, the manpower available include:
      Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologists
      Consultant Paediatricians
      Consultant Surgeons
      Consultant Physicians
      Consultant Anaesthetists
      General Practitioners
      Consultant Radiologist and Ultrasonologist
      Consultant Physiotherapist
      Consultant Orthorpaedic Surgeon
      Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians
      Staff Nurses/Midwives
      Laboratory Scientists
      Administration staff

  • Elevator | Power Supply | Operating Theatre & Labour Room
    • Elevator

      We have installed a 13 man Otis Lift to carry patients and the public to all floors of the hospital.

      Power Supply

      Apart from a dedicated transformer which ensures full current at all times, we have three giant generators to back up power supply and an automatic change over switch. With these, our power supply is uninterrupted.

      Operating Theatre And Labour Room

      We have two major and one minor operating theatre, which are equipped with multidimensional operating tables, theatre lights, anaesthetic machines with cardiac monitors, suction machines and a full range of operating instruments for major and minor surgeries.
      There is also a labor suite made up of first and second stage rooms. The labor wards are equally equipped with a standard delivery bed and also a resuscitator for newborn and premature babies.